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Everything I believe in design is about getting people dressed and make them feel good …

Swedish Fashion Designer Jennifer Blom graduated from Beckmans College of Design in year 2007 with a BA in Fashion. Her qualifications and broad commercial skills granted her work within multi-national companies.

In the year 2010 she launched JENNIFER BLOM. The focus lay on femininity, glamour, quality and design. With her unique way of reading the female body and her knowledge of precision and her skills in cutting techniques and delicate materials created the perfect collection. Her customer put great emphasis on quality and style. The collections are represented by the PR Agency Rossana Mariano PR, and are frequently requested and have been worn by several Swedish celebrities.

Jennifer has already made two celebrated shows during Stockholm Fashion week and MBFW Stockholm. In the year 2013 Jennifer Blom recieved second place on Show Up Fashion Award Sweden and in the year 2014 was nominated for Swedish Fashion talents. The brand development has been at high speed since the start, and new doors have opened. 

Photo: Rickard Liljero Eriksson

Photo: Rickard Liljero Eriksson


The Concept

The brand “Jennifer Blom” was born to create beautiful dresses for the red carpet in year 2010. I started with an idea that i wanted to dress celebrities and customers who are interested in good quality and fashionable style. “Every collection has a clear vision” I start the collection one year before the fashion show. It takes a long time to develop the designs and source the qualities i want to work with. I mainly work with silk in high qualities! Silk is not only an amazing and beautiful quality, it is also sustainable. The production process is relatively harmless to the environment and our silk mainly come from France, Italy and England. I am also aiming to use more sustainable silk, materials in my future products. The garments i make lead to minimal waste and eliminates over production. I also strive to deliver the highest quality with a unique value and gurantee long life time!